Sample Facebook Posts

School meals are brain food! So providing a nutritious meal is an assignment our teams really want to ace. Each day we offer your child both fresh fruits and vegetables. We’ve cut sodium by 10% and are serving products with 51% whole grain. This is nutrition that boosts brainpower, one bite at a time! #RethinkSchoolMeals

$2.67-$.2.42=$.25... And that’s what parents save on average each day when their child buys a meal at school instead of bringing a packed lunch. A quarter a day adds up! And the value of a school lunch isn’t just in the price—our teams are serving the fuel your student needs to succeed, one bite at a time! #RethinkSchoolMeals

Farm to… school table? It’s true; farm to table isn’t just for restaurants. In fact, our nutrition team is sourcing ingredients from local farms and farmer’s markets all the time to incorporate into our meal program. Not only does it make the meals we offer your child healthier—and tastier—it also reduces our environmental footprint. We’re rethinking school meals, one bite at a time! #RethinkSchoolMeals

Sample Tweets

K-8th graders are guaranteed ½ cup of fruit daily, and 9th-12th graders are guaranteed a full cup to help them continue be active kids! #RethinkSchoolMeals

We are proud to provide a healthier, delicious pizza with reduced fat pepperoni, low fat cheese and 51% whole grain pizza crust! #RethinkSchoolMeals

We are proud to buy locally grown produce and products to guarantee the highest of quality ingredients for our students. #RethinkSchoolMeals

Our school offers a fresh salad bar on a daily basis with no limit on the amount of vegetables students can choose! #RethinkSchoolMeals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That’s why we make sure that kids are getting the proper amount of calories ranging from 350-600 based on their age. #RethinkSchoolMeals

School meals provide value with an average cost of $2.42 vs. $2.67 for a packed lunch. #RethinkSchoolMeals